We are believing for 50 leaders to Join our Team by December 2020! Will you be one? Contact our office at (832) 422-6757‬ or email us at info@myvictoryfaith.org for more info.

We are currently in the need for leaders in the following departments:

  • Worship Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Musicians
  • Youth Leaders
  • Media/Sound Architects
  • Community Group Leaders
  • Ushers/Greeters Head
  • Drama Lead
  • Ushers/Greeters
  • Missions Pastor
  • Children’s Pastor
  • Light in the Word Ministries Ordination Program Director
  • Children’s Teachers
  • Bible School Teachers
  • Intercessors
  • Office Support
  • V12 Life Group Leaders



*While we are looking for team members in all of the above areas, we may not be quick to hand out specific titles… Everyone will be a Launch Team Member until we get a chance to work together and see who best fits where! There will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to fulfill God’s plan for your life. From day one we will be looking for team members we can work with to develop teams that could step out to pioneer other churches in our region!

To those who are praying about joining us,


We will continue to pray for you and other leaders and partners from the North, South, East, and West as God has burned a vision in our hearts to reach the lost, develop the saints, and fulfill the great commission with Power and Anointing through Faith in the Word of God, that we might see the Victory globally!

I encourage you and your family to Join us this week at our home as we continue to serve Him and build a foundation for our Launch!


If you have any questions at all please call our office and or email us, we would love to get together and discuss our vision and plan for Victory Faith Center with you.


God Bless,


Pastor Ryan Peters