January 30, 2020

Four Facts on the God-Kind of Faith

Four Facts on the God-Kind of Faith

Four Facts on the God-kind of Faith

Mark 11:20-22 – Talks about Jesus speaking to disciples about having the God-kind of Faith!


So let’s talk tonight about Four facts to having the God-Kind of Faith


  1. Faith will not work in an unforgiving heart.
    1. Mark 11:25-26
    2. Galatians 5:1-6 (KJV Worketh by love) Read Amplified
      1. Love must be our dominating factor in all that we do and the reason we operate our faith.
      2. One major blockage of faith and love is ME ME ME
  • Lack of love with Faith is nothing! 1Cor 13:1-3
  1. Love will cause exponential growth & power
  1. Faith has to be in your heart not just your head.
    1. Romans 10:8-10- with the heart man believes.
    2. 2 Cor 4: 16-18 The inward man
      1. The inward man is the Spirit man which has nothing to do with the mind or the body concerning believing.
      2. Satan may put doubt in your mind, but the Word will put faith in your heart and spirit.
  • The senses tell the heart what to believe until the Spirit man becomes dominant in your life….
    1. 2 Cor 5:17 – Old things have passed and all things have become new… With Christ
  1. The Spirit Man becomes Dominant through the Word- Acts 20:32
  1. Faith must be released through the mouth with Words
    1. Heart Faith is based on the Word not on feelings
      1. The Spirit vs the Soul
    2. Faith based on feelings will lead to a spiritual demise.
  2. Faith works by prayings and or by saying only.
    1. The man at beautiful gate was raised without prayer Acts3:2
    2. Jesus raised the boy at Nain without prayer Lk 7:11-17
    3. Peter raised Tabitha after prayer. Acts 9:36-42
    4. Fasting and Prayer…. Matthew 17:21


God desires that we have the God kind of Faith that can move mountains, shake religions, raise the dead, and change circumstances….


What type of faith do you have?

What type of faith do you want?


Is there unforgiveness? Lack of Love?